Dragon Age: Corruption is a rather large single player campaign that I created. In it you play a youth from the small town of Krat that wakes up one night to find their home under attack from Darkspawn invaders. This attack triggers an unexpected series of events as well as an epic adventure into the mysterious Blood Basin. 

This mod is meant to mimic the typical Dragon Age DLC in both size and scope. It has four hours of gameplay, which includes five new playable characters, along with new items, areas, and supporting actors, with a new branching story set firmly within the mythos of the Dragon Age universe. This story includes over 65 thousand words of new dialog, all of which is completely voice-acted, and seven potential endings each with unique, scripted boss fights.

Within this mod I worked with, and learned, every editor the Dragon Age Toolset had to offer: Dialog trees, character and area design, cinematics, etc. I did everything you see in this mod myself (with the exception of voice-acting, I recruited the voice actors and oversaw the sessions, but did not do any acting myself).