Punk Skunk is a game I made with a small team while participating in the Global Game Jam. Global Game Jam is an event where designers, programmers, and artists get together and try to build a game in 48 hours.

Punk Skunk is as finished as it probably ever will be. It's more of a rapid prototype then a real game. I put it on my website because its an example of two things: my ability to work under pressure, and my ability to communicate an idea efficiently.

I was lead designer on this game. As lead designer I had about ten minutes to come up with a game concept with the theme "Deception" and included a skunk, punk, or monk. After coming up with the initial concept me and two other guys had a couple hours to come up with interesting physics puzzles for the game.

The experience was amazing. I learned quite a bit about development, as well as pipelines and got to see just how much a game evolves, even in that short amount of time.