The best way to describe The Hunt is that it is my baby. I spent three months creating the creative and gameplay design documents, perfecting both the look and feel of the world as well as how the players would interact with it before going out and recruiting an amazing team to help me build it.

I've recruited the cream of the crop at AI-OC to help me build this game. Many of the students graduating within the next few quarters and done something on this project.

My responsibilities as Lead Designer and Lead Producer were varied. As Lead Designer I wrote all of the design documentation, which was done before I recruited my team, and after that was completed I refined sections that certain teams needed more information on, and oversaw development of all the assets, everything from art to levels to systems, all of these assets being derived from my documentation.

As Lead Producer I wrote schedules, made sure things were delivered on time, and kept communication open between teams. I also did an interview about the game with Time Warner Cable for their "Eye on California" segment of SoCal 101.

The game itself is a third person cooperative shooter built using the Unreal Development Kit. It is set in the future, where players can choose one of four hunters and go big game hunting on alien planets. More information can be found at the Hunt website.