I was extremely fortunate to work on the fourth installment of the historic Halo franchise. As a Mission Designer on Halo 4, I was responsible for encounter design, scripting events, pacing, AAA-quality polish, and bug fixing within the play spaces I was given. I also worked very closely with Narrative, FX, Art, and Animation to make sure that my levels were the best they could be. The specific levels that I worked on were "Dawn" and the second half of "Reclaimer". I also did various polish and bug fixing tasks across almost all the levels.

Upon completing the Campaign, I was given the chance to contribute to the first DLC for Halo 4. I worked on five Spartan Ops Season 1.5 missions: Episode 8 - Chapters 3 and 5, and Episode 9 Chapters 2, 4, and 5.